In a writing class, we had to imitate the style of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, and I chose to write about Fear of Flying by Eica Jong…

First Assignment:  Fight Club

Jody gets me into the feminist movement, after that Jody’s pushing a copy of Fear of Flying into my hands,saying that the first step to sexual liberation is reading Erica Jong’s novel.  For a long time, Jody’s been saying that it changed her life. People are always asking me, can you believe Jody and that book?

With the book in my hands, Jody says, “Isadora Wing feared more than airplanes!”

With all this energy coming from Jody, I can almost feel the power of the words hitting me.  Most of the excitement comes from Isadora’s sense of adventure, and it travels out in a wide radius.  To make an Isadora, you just add excitement with honesty, a lot of honesty.

You follow Isadora’s free-spirited ways and the book will blow your mind.

“This isn’t really hard,” Jody says.  “We just need to read it like a textbook.”

I read the book cover to cover and say, Jody, Isadora lived for herself.

The cafe we’re sitting in closes in ten minutes.  You take muffins and croissants and scones and mix it with designer coffee and that’s the cafe.  Then add the folksy music.  You’ve got Cafe Roundabout.

I know this because I practically live here.

So, mix sexiness with literature, and you have Erica Jong.  A lot of folks see her as a mix of humor and wisdom and bite.  This says it.  Some folks, they use he word bawdy while talking about her.

So Jody and I are on top of our form with the discussion of the novel, and we witness our thoughts converging.  Look at the subtext.  It’s a female sexual adventure story, and this for a woman is always met with criticism. It’s so daring for it’s time, the feeling you get is exhilaration as if you’re living her very own sexual adventures.  You do this automatically.

With several million readers you look out over the edge of Isadora’s sexuality and your findings below are shaped with a kaleidoscopic view of the people she’s slept with, standing down there, looking up at her.  The broken glass is a prism right below us.  A window blows open in your mind and then comes the knowledge as big as a universe right below you, a kaleidoscopic prism reflection of yourself as you look down over the chips of your own sexuality.

Isadora Wing.

She is Everywoman.

Somewhere across Europe with Adrian Goodlove, across her hang ups and her hung-up conscience, her fears are running rampant, testing every scrap of her courage.

The old saying, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, well, look, it works in this case.

With a suitcase full of growing pains and the hopes of Adrian Goodlove between her legs, Isadora can only live in the moment.

She’s down to her last ten minutes.


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