San Francisco: another day in paradise

23547777249_ac69bf880b_bToday I substitute taught at an elementary school in the city. I worked as a resource specialist, mainly with kids from kindergarten through third grade. In the afternoon I pulled kids out and worked with them individually.  This one boy told me flat out that he hated reading and so I told him how about I would read to him? It worked. Once I started reading, and it was a big picture book, he started recognizing and saying some of the words. He later mentioned that he felt like he was really stupid.  That’s hard.

I started to drive to the animal shelter after I left the school, but I realized I was just so tired and I turned around and came home. I’m really tired lately, and I don’t like it.  What a drag.

I sent out a query letter to an agent and then I worked on a personal essay I’m writing. I tried to write a poem about this thing I heard on the news today. That is, a baby has been born with the DNA from three separate people. I knew this would eventually happen, in the same way I truly believe that at some point we will share our DNA with animals. You wait and see.  The poem I tried to write was about a woman who was half human and have elephant. I wrote about four lines and then I couldn’t think of anything else to say.  I’ll go back to it later.

The weather?  It was 48 last night.

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