HACKED, a poem I wrote mirroring the news of the 2016 presidential election being hacked by the Russians…

This is how it happened.

I was 11 years old.
Two girls in my class pretended to be my friends.
They stole my diary.
They picked the lock.
Spreading my secrets across the playground like jelly.

I wrote about boys,
how they didn’t like me because I was fat.

I wrote about hating my mother, how crazy she was.

I wrote about hating my body.
Trying to lose weight, then
eating a half gallon of ice cream.

Those girls, picking the lock to my soul.

Opening it with a wrench

a straightened paperclip,
a pair of pliers,
a jackhammer.

Blasting it open with a stick of dynamite.

Pages flying.
Screaming everything wrong about my life.

I never kept a diary again,

learned to keep everything inside.
How I felt, what I needed,
who I liked,
all the sadness.

This is what I know. You can’t trust girls.

You can’t trust anyone. This is my motto.
I live by it.


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