Post Election News Making Me Sick



My poem was published today at:

Maybe it doesn’t help a whole lot
But for the moment it’s working,
Reading the lesser news stories
Instead of the Hitleresque news.
Staying away from Trump headlines.
Like, for example, reading the story about
How plea-bargaining is on the rise.
Or how James Bond can never be played by a woman.
And then there’s the one about the conjoined twins who are doing well.
I’m happy for them.
Or what about the celebrity gossip?
Did you know that Joe Jonas admits
He’s into whips and leather?

Civilization as I know it is ending,
Whiffs of internment camps wafting across the headlines.
But while the press is still free I distract myself by perusing
Trending Today on the Internet, or
The Thirty Hottest Women On The Planet, or
The 31 Hottest Girls On Instagram You Didn’t Know Existed.
Not that I’m interested but it’s not politics.

My political world is falling apart.
Facebook makes me queasy.
I’ve unfriended many and
My heart is hurting.
I don’t want to know anything else about Bannon
Or read on Twitter how Shaun King is telling us to not say alt-right but
To tell it like it is, saying white supremacy.
Or read his tweets about hate crimes since the election, tallying them up.

My country is turning Hitleresque.
All I can do is hope for the best,
And breathe.



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