Write a story in exactly 100 words…not easy!




I submitted this to 100 Word Story. It was my first attempt at writing a story in 100 words. You have to get in, make something happen and get out very quickly. Hard to do, but many of the stories are quite moving and definitely an art. Read some and try writing one for yourself. This one wasn’t accepted but I will try again.

Marilee wasn’t perfect but close to it. Her silky black hair, her almond-shaped eyes, and her generous lips. One of her legs was shorter than the other and she walked with a hitch. Her father told her it gave her character. Her mother advised her to use it to her advantage. Marilee exaggerated the movement. She was a human slinky toy. The girls at her school imitated her. The boys thought of her as a work of art. Marilee’s lips pouted as she flung her hair off to the side. She struggled down the hallway, one hip jutting, then catching.

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