A Skinny poem by me…

6936733468_7c8dc0c37a_bI like writing in new poetic and prose forms. Therefore, writing a skinny appealed to me. Here’s the definition of a skinny:

“The Skinny Poetry Journal (TSPJ) seeks new poetry. TSPJ is a literary journal that is dedicated to The Skinny poetry form. A Skinny is a short poem form, created by Truth Thomas, that consists of eleven lines. The first and eleventh lines can be any length (although shorter lines are favored). The eleventh and last line must be repeated using the same words from the first and opening line (however, those words can be rearranged). The second, sixth, and tenth lines must be identical.

The point of the Skinny, or Skinnys, is to convey a vivid image with as few words as possible. Skinny poems can be about any subject. They can also be linked, like Haiku, Senryu or Tanka.”

Here’s my skinny that they published. They are easy to write, and fun. Try one.



She even wears her pussyhat to bed
Even to bed she wears her pussyhat

PS Here’s my first submission, which they rejected. When I looked at it more closely, I realized I hadn’t followed the format correctly. Do you see where I screwed up?



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