What did I observe today?

What did I observe today?

This morning, I subbed for a severely disabled class. Most of the students could not talk and many were strapped into wheelchairs. Many could not eat and were fed through a tube. All could not look at you and give you eye contact. After lunch, I subbed for an orchestra class. I walked into a room of 38 students and they were talking to each other. They were eating chips. Their arms and legs worked. If I spoke to them, they looked at me. what a sharp contrast. I inhabited two separate worlds.

I read where legislation passed making it legal to kill hibernating bears, to go into wolf dens and kill pups. How inhumane we are.

I haven’t felt well all day. I observed how I do more when I’m sick than most people do when they are well. I worked all day, took my grand-dog for a walk, drove downtown to pick up my partner.

I observed how hard it is for me to not look at my cell phone when I eat lunch.

I observed how I operate better in the world when I meditate in the morning.

I observed the rain on the windshield. At red lights I turned the wipers off. I shot the street through heavy rain.



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