Ever wish there was one singular word to describe a particular feeling? Sometimes in other languages, there are…

I always wondered at this obnoxious behavior of mine
How I’d squeeze my grandson till he told me I was hurting him
I just loved him so much I couldn’t help myself
So I sat on my hands when I was around him
And tried to control myself

Then I read about gigil, yes gigil
A word in Tagalog meaning that exquisite urge to squeeze someone –
You know, like babies that you love so dearly
Their cheeks and bottoms and how you want to
Gigil them, giggle them, padiggle them until they cry

I always wondered at this strange behavior of mine
How I solved my problems by walking against the wind
Wind hitting my face and knocking my thoughts right out of me
Wind rushing, wind gushing, wind blushing against my cheeks
Living in San Francisco helps with this

There is a word in Dutch I learned
It’s uitwaaein, yes uitwaaein
The wind slapping you awake, bringing you forward into yourself
So you cannot help but feel alive and good
At least for a little while

I always wondered at this intriguing behavior of mine
How I’d feel so good after writing a poem
Boiling the words down just so
Chipping away at the meaning until it gelled
Grabbing the syllables and kneading them together into something new

There is a Chinese word I learned
It’s called yuan bei, yes yuan bei
It means a sense of complete and perfect accomplishment
You finish something and it’s just right
You cannot make it any better and you’re happy

I always wondered at these behaviors of mine




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